October 27th, 2004


A true tale of irony?

Well, Mark came over and Tommy went in the RV with Alli. My dad had too much to drink (as usual) and Tommy left the keys outside the RV so I went in and threw them to him . Well, In the process of him catching them and me and Mark leaving, he lost them and then blamed it on me. So, after awhile, my dad MAKES me go look for keys with Tommy. Then he starts taunting us while we do it and he made this really stupid face. So HE ends up finding them (with no effort at all) and tells us to go to bed. So I told him no because I still had 15 mins. So he keeps telling me to go to bed and I keep saying no. So he says, "Fine, you don't want to go to bed" and he got up and started walking towards and I was about to punch him because I thought he was going to hit me, then he grabs me by the shirt and THROWS me out the door and I almost trip down the step, Then he locks the door. So I pull my key off from my pants and go to unlock the door and he's holding the lock. So I screamed, "Fine, I'll go to Chris's and call the cops" and I took off running. I almost got hit by a car twice before i got to Chris's to see his light wasn't on. So, after a second of saying "Shit" to myself, I decide to go to Ryan and Brenton's and call the police. The police came and his dumbass was like, "he can stay out there for all I care" and then invites the police in with our dog barking like hell. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of him. I tried complaining that he was abusive, that he was a drunk, that he was an unfit father, they couldn't do anything. Oh well, he finally knows I'm serious now. If he does this again he wont wake up. Fucking dumbass asshole.
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