November 18th, 2004

There you go

Name: Jess
Age/birthday:19/ 8/12/85
Status: ahhh complicated :)
Gender: female

Food: cream cheese sushi rolls
Drink: green tea
Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Genre of Music: haha oh boy. thats a toss up between industrial and trip hop
Band: thats way too hard. Hanzel und Gretyl, Tool, and Massive Attack... thats what I mainly listen to I guess
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(no subject)

Age/birthday: 16; Nov. 25, 2004
Hometown: Amesbury, Massachusetts
Status: Single...duh.
Stats: 5'4, 120 (something, not sure exactly)
Gender: Female.

Ramen Noodles.
Drink: Gatorade, Orange Soda, and Water.
Movie: Requiem For a Dream
Genre of Music: Metel
Band: Nightwish, Mindless Self Indulgence

Write a few sentences as to why your life is interesting enough to post on here.

I sit next to both Mark's during 1st period, how is that not interesting? I have a disfunctional family, and I am throwing this neat party thing, Mark you should help and invite your friends.


Just another day in the life of a MAniac...

Well, my birthday was yesterday, so we went out to Chili's. Of coarse my birthday wouldn't be complete without Heather (my girlfriend for those of you who may be new to my life). So we get there and of coarse it's not enough to just fucking say, "Happy Birthday," but everyone has to come out and sing it >:O. So yeah. Then we got back home and did our usual shit :-P. Well, today was slightly boring, so I'll just review my week!! (sort of.) Anyways:

  • Mrs. McClur (the dumbass intern from HCC) is leaving our Web Design class Friday! (proof that a god just might exist.)
  • Chris Dale got kicked out of Web Design for playing this annoying as song we had to put on our web pages OVER and OVER again.
  • We did more shit for our "mock trial" in Law.

Well, that's basically my life right now. I also have to go to this REALLY GAY "family counsiling." I bought a new grinding rail. I got a new skateboard! I'm (HOPEFULLY) going to see Heather Saturday. Beat my life bitches!!
Till next week,
The MAniac.
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Age/birthday:15 ...jan-29th-1989
Hometown:brentwood long island ny
Status:in a long term relationship
Gender: Female

Food: spinach salad
Drink: that new mountain dew black stuff
Movie: any musical .. molly ringwald.. or older movie .. i like everything though
Genre of Music: i am eclectic
Band: dont have one

Write a few sentences as to why your life is interesting enough to post on here. Ummmm because i am dating the guy who created it and i love him and i have a really cool new job ill get to talk about .. and i have crazy friends .. so it should be cool!

love heather

(no subject)

Name: Shaina
Age/birthday: 15 July 24, 1989
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Status: Dating
Gender: Chick

Food: Pizza
Drink: dnl
Movie: The Crow and The Punisher
Genre of Music: A lot, lol
Band: Evanescence

I'm Heather's amore...haha, not really but we're friends! XD And...I'm the girl from taco bell :P