December 6th, 2004

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Name:Darrell Dalcherone(if your really want to know)
Age/birthday:im 16 and my b-day is 8/23/88
Hometown:Tampa,FL bitchs
Status: im fucking single or "avilable" as some people might say somebody love me :( lol
Stats: um 145 pounds in think
Gender: Male

Food: pizza i think
Drink: those malt ornge things at olive garden there really is nothing better
Movie: id say "the 5th element" that movie kicks
Genre of Music: Rock (is there really anything else?)
Band: "Muse" if you laugh ill beat you

hmmmm why am i good enuff to post here????well sometimes i go crazy and type stupid shit thats funny but as for an interesting life not really

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Exams are stressful. As are projects.

Why was everyone so excited about the next big thing 4? The line up was lame. I am glad to say I didn't go.

I am going to Amesbury on the 26th!!! (Thats in Massachusetts by the way.)

I didn't have sex with Jullian. <-- That was mostly for Mark.

My life is kind of boring.