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Christmas Gifts.

I have decided to post what I got on Chris's Birthday (One of my best friends, Christopher, was born on Christmas so now I call it Chris's Brthday instead)

  • Piano
  • Cell phone (now, I don't have use everyone else's)
  • Nail kit thing.
  • Clothes
  • Magazine
  • Watch
  • Jewlery
  • Perfume
  • Ug Boots!!! Hahahaha. I fel so bad when I got them because in the car last night my dad heard me say how much I hated them. He said I could return them but I shall do somethign different with them, not sure what yet, but they are warm.
  • Plane tickets which I payed for my self.
  • DVD from Whitney
  • $120
  • And my video camera finally gets here tomorrow.

I guess thats all I got. Oh and a lava lamp thingy :) I am also getting presents from Catie, and Dylan, and Joey and everyone in January. Yay. Hope you guys all had a good hallmark Christmas.

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